Posted by: katarinajellybeana | October 3, 2007

Ways I’ll be spending my mental energy today:

God, I miss the magazine, short life though it had.  Fun, funny, funky and smart food writing.  It has everything from gear reviews to tests of new products to comprehensive message boards filled with suggestions on recipes, restaurants and products.  Emense and fun.

My friends and I are all office supply geeks.  We have massive collections of pretty file folders, magnets, post-its.  We are always in search of the perfect pen.  Not surprisingly, many of my Christmas gifts for said friends will come from here.

Lurking on the Hot Topics boards always makes me laugh.  People get worked up about the weirdest things and they are completely unable to make a point without turning it into a personal, judgemental attack.  I’m not sure why I love it so.  It might be the same kind of allure as the Jerry Springer show but in a slightly more high brow form.

I am so overwhelmed by some of the people who post here!  I get (steal) my best ideas for everything from what to knit next to interior decorating to gift ideas.  My skills are limited, but I can try to make cool stuff.

Love, love, love listening to NPR.  Makes me feel smart and informed.  I pick a topic I love (like a celebrity or topic), look it up and listen to the archives at my desk.

Yes.  I am the best employee in the world.  When I am really down at my job, about my job or when I just need some comedy to pick me up, I turn to the brilliant mind of Tina Fey to get me through.  I’ll run it in the background and just listen to the soundtrack while I work.  Or if it’s a really crappy day, I’ll just watch the damned thing.  Yep, employee of the year.



  1. You scare me sometimes. I love all of these things you speak of. Thankfully I work IN the internet and nobody seems bothered by anything on anyone’s screen. TV watching? Child’s play!!! Try movies at your desk. Now THERE’S risky hahahhaha.

    Have a good day playing on the internet. I’m sure craftser as the perfect gift ideas for me for xmas. heehee

  2. I’m absolutely in love with that Tina Fey commercial right now–I think it’s American Express. And this is a guilty admittance–when I am procrastinating, I watch favourite commercials and SNL digital shorts.

    Oh, and swing by Post Secrets.

  3. a) During the holidays I watched stuff like Nestor the Long Eared Donkey (sob!–Bad idea). I haven’t tried a movie yet, but I’m sure when I’m in the throes of my IUI cycle I will.

    b) LOVE that commercial!. And I do love post secrets. There was one from a while ago where someone sent in a photo of their polycystic ovaries from their lap. Before I read it, I knew exactly WHAT it was. I think they wrote “My ovaries have betrayed me.” I cried for 3 hours, wishing I had thought to do it first.

  4. In addition, what DOES one make a Muppet for Christmas?

  5. OOO that is certainly a very good question!! Hmm….maybe a little research is on order. Stand by….

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