Posted by: katarinajellybeana | October 5, 2007

Like Christmas Morning, but with cramps

WonderPuppy in Kennel

Originally uploaded by bigcatillinois

It’s finally here! I’m at CD1.

I’m nervous. I didn’t expect to be, but I am.

Since I am I will think of all the things that make me calm and happy:
iced chai
Soft music
Nice breezes on sunny days
Walking on the rail trail
Gilmore Girls
Footrubs my Mr. JellyBeana
Being kneeded by the cats
Being cuddled by WonderPuppy!


  1. OMG!!! WonderPuppy is adorable! He (she?) looks like our Daisy. I think Sandy and WonderPuppy should be friends. Well….after I catch her and take the spoon out of her mouth that she’s running around with…..

    Good luck with CD1!! I’ll send all my ovary vibes your way. Only the good ones. So…well that’s not very much help.

  2. He. I wondered if he looked something like Daisy. He’s lab and other stuff (after we adopted him we figured out the other stuff might be pittie, but he’s sweet as can be so we don’t tell anyone that).

    Peanut butter spoons are one of his favorite treats! I think he and Daisy are MFEO. Brother Beana is bringing over his puppy, PollyPeesALot, for the weekend while he goes to Metropolis with his cute little fam. She and WonderPuppy have a little thing going on, but from what I hear it’s casual.

    Thanks for mustering whatever weakass vibes you can. I appreciate the thought and effort!

  3. Awwww…WonderPuppy is soooo cute. How old is he? My puppy, Roxy looks similar, black lab/greyhound (?) mix. I know, it’s a strange combo, but too cute. Good luck with this cycle, I’m pulling for you!

  4. Hey Stephaine!

    WonderPuppy is around 2 1/2. When we got him from the shelter, they only had a vague idea. He still acts like a puppy. This weekend we hosted PollyPeesALot, Brother Beana’s dog. They played for HOURS every day. HOURS.

    I’d love to see a picture of Roxy! I bet she’s adorable.

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