Posted by: katarinajellybeana | October 29, 2007

I’m feeling super! Thanks for asking.

8 dpiui

Blood test this morning with the most ham-handed vampire ever.  I told her I wasn’t great with it, that I was gonna close my eyes and she should just tell me if she needed me to do anything.  She proceeded to blab blab blab away about what she was about to do.  Bitch.

I need to take a half dose of Ovidrel today at some point today.  I’m tempted to POAS before I take it.  I’m still feeling a lot of tenderness.  Now I’ve got a little nausea going on.  I did manage to sleep last night with some medication, but I’ve been exhausted on and off.  I went to run errands for about 2 hours yesterday and came away feeling like I had been on my feet for 10.  I hope it’s not just the Ovidrel from last weekend.  My brain is foggy.



  1. what were they testing your blood for today out of curiosity ..wishing you a bfp!!!!!

  2. Curious about what the advantage of ovidrel is post-iui….

  3. They say they were just checking progesterone. Mine came out great, so I’m pretty happy about that. I don’t know if they do a beta. I’m kind of letting them lead that one and tell me what they think I should know.

    The medical uses of the Ovidrel? They say it’s to help support early pregnancy, but I truly believe it is to make it so that you can’t tell if you’re pregnant from a home test. I may be wrong. It may be really beneficial, but I think it’s a red herring.

  4. I love hearing that things are moving forward!! Still sitting here with all fingers, toes, nose hairs, and eyeballs crossed for you. Having a hard time getting any work done, but you know….small sacrifice….

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