Posted by: katarinajellybeana | November 12, 2007

Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays (much foul language)

What I have accomplished by 9:00am

1) Got out of bed and dressed.  That felt a little touch and go for a while.  Had a dream that I was a character on Heroes.  My gift was as an empath who could fix what was wrong with people–emotional and physical healings to correct problems.  I could also block attacks on others if they were in danger.  The manifestations of my psyche astound me.

2) Came in to work 45 minutes early and didn’t leave any necessities (keys, money, phone) at home.

3) Realized that it’s Veteran’s day and I can’t get cash because the bank is closed.  Crap.

4) My student worker came in 30 minutes early so I could go to the dr.  I gave her a 10 so that she and the other one she’s working with could get coffee while I was gone.

5) Left, called Mr. JB to let him know I was off to the clinic, drove there without killing anyone.

6) Got taken back by a new chatty cathy vampire.  If possible, she was worse than the last.  It hurt like a sonofabitch.  I felt woozy.  I knew it was just to confirm the suspicions and that no good could actually come from it, which didn’t help.  I went to my happy place (Small World ride in Disney World–Mostly because it’s so easy to recreate a full sensory memory of it)

7) Kissed Mr. JB goodbye & went up to the pharmacy to get my met.  It was closed and wouldn’t open for another 30 minutes.  Fuuuuuccccccckkkk.

8 ) Went to Starbucks. Not the one close to the clinic, but the one with the drive through across town.  I am so environmentally irresponsible and lazy some days.

9) The girl on the intercom got confused & flustered, so when I got to the window, my drink wasn’t ready.  Instead, this impossibly cute guy (who knew precisely how cute he was–he looked just like Eddie Cahill, Rachel’s assistant/boyfriend Tag on Friends.  I think he’s on CSI: NY now. Same damned shit eating grin.) greeted me with a “It’ll be just a moment for your latte. How is your day so far?”  I looked at him, smiled, cocked my head to the right and sweetly said “Why, it sucks.  Thanks for asking.”  His eyes opened wide.  He smiled a little “Ah.  A case of the Mondays.”  He then went on to tell me that he woke up 5 minutes before he needed to be at work.  I smiled, nodded, was annoyed at him for being knowingly cute and flirty, was getting angry that I wasn’t getting my drink fast enough…

10) Finally, drink in cupholder, I checked the clock.  Still to early for the pharmacy.  I decided to stop by the grocery, pick up something to make for dinner, maybe some treats for my kiddos and breakfast for me.  Went to the grocery and got clementines and dark chocolate Hershey kisses for the students, pork chops and stuffing for dinner and fried croissants for breakfast.  When you sin, sin boldly.  The cashier fucked up my order, had to call a manager (who was in the middle of a personal phone call and made me wait for 5 minutes as a line of other morning rush people built up behind me, glaring at the back of my head).

11) Finally got back in the car.  Pharmacy is open!  I drive there, only ALMOST killing someone.  When I get there, I realize that somehow the bottom of my purse is wet and that I’ve gotten the counter all gross.  I apologize.  The pharm tech says they’ve had worse.  I get a little grossed out and say I can imagine.  She then huffily tells me “Well, we DO wash it.”   Ok, honey, don’t get your panties in a bunch.  I also realize I’m out of cash and need to charge my met (I hate charging stuff). 

12) On the way home, I see a woman with a “If you’re Pregnant, It’s a Baby” bumper sticker.  Fuck you, lady.  I nearly swerve into her lane to hit her right in the sticker.  I find myself arguing with her outloud about what that collection of cells actually is and thinking that I am far more painfully aware of that fact.  I don’t need a fucking stupid bumper sticker to remind me.  Bitch. 

13) Swing by home to put dinner in the fridge and am greeted by the saddest puppy dog ever.  He was hoping I’d stay.  He also has really bad farts today and humidity is around 100% today, so my house smells like an elephant enclosure.

14) Get to work 30 minutes later than I hoped to, bring in the tangerines and chocolates and start filling up the fruit bowl and candy bowl.  My boss shows up.  She wants to know what’s going on.  I emailed her this morning that things weren’t going well and she wants details.  I explain about the number drop, that that means I’m going to miscarry, that I had a rough weekend.  She offers me time off, a hug.  I tell her I’m ok today, but that once I’m off the medication and my next cycle actually starts, I might need some time.  I’m touched by her concern, but annoyed that she sees I’m about to start crying and doesn’t let up.  I say again…fuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhkkkkk.

15) Send students for coffee (they waited for me to come back to make sure I was OK). Answer 75 emails in three minutes while they’re gone.  Get the candy and fruit out, thereby rebalancing my karma.

16) Find out someone needed information from me BEFORE she told me she did.  She said she needed it by this afternoon.  What she actually meant was Wednesday of last week.  I’m supposed to know that’s what she meant. Really?

17) My computer is finally starting up.  Before I even open my meeting schedule, I am bombarded by questions from an annoying librarian. Personally, she’s actually quite nice and I like her a lot, but professionally she’s got the academic librarian chip on her shoulder of “I’m real Faculty!! REALLY!!!  LET ME PROVE IT TO YOU!!!” Her demands are always sudden and often unreasonable and she doesn’t understand why the world doesn’t work by her rules.  Todays demand?  Sudden and unreasonable and it takes me 10 minutes to explain why we need to do it THIS way in order for it to work. 

18 ) The information I needed to gather is on a website that moves glacially slow.  Another fuuuuuhhhcckkk.

19) I look at my schedule and realize how many social engagements I have this week.  Lunches/evenings/a movie/ a play/whatever.  I don’t want to see anyone.  I know I scheduled them precisely for this reason, but I want to cancel every single one and go home and crawl back in bed and stay there until I can drink. 

20) 9:00am — My day can finally get off to a normalish start.  3 hours of crap and now it will get better.  Right?  Right???

21) EDITED TO ADD: Just realized I left my breakfast croissants on the kitchen counter and my latte in the car.  I could cry.



  1. WOW- you are an overacheiver this “munday”. I am sorry it’s going so rough for you

  2. I can’t pretend for one minute that i know exactly how you feel. The only thing that springs to mind, is how amazing you are.

    I am so sorry that all this has happened. I only wish there was more i could say that wouldn’t sound so shallow.

    And as for the lady with the Bumper sticker.. I would have got out and torched the fucking thing there and then. Twat.

  3. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. 😦

  4. Number 12 was awesome!!!!
    Sorry about the bad morning. Can I just say that I loved all the swearing?Made me feel good and rebel-like to read.

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