Posted by: katarinajellybeana | February 6, 2008



I love that my counting mechanism has changed.  And I love that I am drug free for the moment (except for what’s already in my system).

Yesterday’s IUI went well.  My cervix and associated mucus were deemed “beautiful.”  Only a touch of minor cramping in the evening.  It went really, really well.  I’m feeling hopeful, still.

Mr. JB had some spectacular counts–one BILLION sperm; 40% swimming fast, 48% more swimming period; 15% perfect in shape and 46% almost perfect.  He is feeling so proud.  Again, we didn’t need to do the second IUI in favor of playing the home version of the game.  On a side note–last time his count was half this and he was taking a multivitamin daily.  Not sure if there is a corrolation, but it’s worth noting. 

Since my hcg shot, I’ve been really tired.  Slept on the way down and back from the appointment yesterday and then napped after I got home and then slept at my regular time.  I think the combo of stress, drugs and weather are all doing a number on me.  My boobs hurt, too.  I told Mr. JB he should expect to hear that for the next while.  He replied with “like 10 months or so?”  Cute boy.

I was hoping as I was writing about yesterday that some profound thought would come to me.  No such luck. Time to zombie through the day.

Please keep those powerful good thoughts coming.  I can use all the help I can get!


  1. Good thoughts comin’ your way honey!

  2. Oh my … your post title has made me yawn as well. Talk about yawns being infectious!!

    I’m sending great big positive thoughts your way!!

  3. Fantastic count!! Way to go Mr JB!

    Sending lots and lots of positive thoughts your direction

  4. Many good vibes on their way from me to you!


  5. WOW! Is that 1 bil post wash or pre wash? Because if it is post wash.. holy freakin crap!!!!!!!!

  6. YAH YAH Excellent Spermies! Go Mr JB! Swim spermies Swim – do your job!!

    Now the question is: did you POAS to see the hcg in your system (like I did just to confirm that there is a possibility to see 2 lines or not – like a mythical creature – maybe a jackalope or a unicorn or maybe a faery????)

  7. I am thinking good things about this cycle for you.

    I am holding on tight for you and Mr.JB that you really are knocked up this time.

    *Sending positive vibes across the Atlantic*

  8. Am I the only one who saw 1 billion and start thinking of counting Jelly Beans in a jar?

    Congrats. Enjoy the home version and being PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)~!

  9. So glad your IUI went well!! Congrats on the billion sperm- one of those is bound to hit target! Sending you positive thoughts your way!

  10. glad you iui went well. i’m at 6dpiui and still tired. i didn’t think it could be the hcg shot, i thought it might be the sudden shock of not being pumped full of hormones.

    yawn. i’m off to bed now.

  11. holy spermolies, batgirl! 1 billion?! I’ve never even heard of such a count. he should be proud. and to think, all you need is ONE!

    good luck in the 2ww. it all sounds really great… ~luna

  12. So glad all went well – Mr JB’s counts certainly were spectacular!

    Am now keeping all my fingers crossed for you during the 2ww.

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