Posted by: katarinajellybeana | February 7, 2008

And I think to myself that I do this alot.


I wish I had a backlog of blogs so that I could post something prewritten and insightful today, but I don’t so I can’t.  Instead I will write a list of things I love this week.

1) BUFFALO WINGS.  I cannot get enough.  They have to be real ones, not made with bottled sauce.  There is something so great about the combination.  I haven’t had them in years, but I have a sudden NEED to eat them all the time.  I blame the hormones. 

2) MR. JB.  Yes, he drives me crazy.  Yesterday we were having an argument and he rolled his eyes at me.  BAD MOVE, SPORT.  But in the end, he smoothed things over, bought me buffalo wings and told me he wanted to wrap me up in bubble wrap.

3) BONNAROO.  The Avett Brothers are playing there.  As are about 100 other acts I want to see.  Mr. JB and I are seriously considering making the trip. 

4) THE AVETT BROTHERS!! I’m going to see them on the 28th with Jack and Mary Perfect, Just Jane and a bunch of other people.  It will be their first concert of the spring tour season (and one of at least 4 that I’m (planning on) going to!) I’m listening to them obsessively right now!

5) THE HOPE THAT SPRING IS NEAR.  I’m getting worn down by the constant snow/ice/thaw routine that’s been going on daily here.  I’m so happy to know that spring is just around the corner.  I’m going to start looking for signs. 

6) VICKS VAPOR INHALER.  The BEST non drug way to keep a brewing headache at bay.

7) SPORTYNIECE.  My niece plays basketball.  Really well. She’s getting Division One offers and her undefeated team is very likely going to be in the state tourney.  I’ve just recently friended her on Facebook.  Love.

8) THE NEARING WRITERS CONTRACT.  Sigh.  Fingers Crossed!! I miss my stories more than a grown up aught to.

9) FUN POST IT NOTES.  Why just use yellow when you can use pink tulips or round ones with birds on them.  I’m such an office supply geek.  Mr. JB does NOT get it at all.

10) JAPANESE FOOD.  For dinner.  Tonight.  YAHOO.


2dpiui side effects–some bad lower abdominal cramps yesterday and then last night.  I’m pretty sure I ovulated last night.  We’ve done everything we can on our end, other than staying away from the crack and the meth.  My boobs kill.  Can’t sleep in my usual position because of it.  I’ve had some mood issues.  (ROAR!)  Tired.  Fuzzy headed.  


  1. Tell me more about the Vicks Vapor—is that the little blue tub of stuff? Not to sound ridiculous, but what do you do exactly to help stave of the headache!!
    BTW, I very much enjoyed Pete and Pete.

  2. It’s the same stuff…that mentholey gel stuff, but it’s in a little tube with a hole at the top. You stick it in your nose and inhale.

    It opens up your nasal passages and allows more oxygen in. It’s great for colds and allergy issues, but I’ve found that it really does help blunt headaches.

    (oooh..Love pete and pete. glad you liked it!)

  3. Yes vick’s is a good remedy- I found some stuff at Aveda called Blue Concentration Oil !!! A MAZ ING!

  4. Ok, not you’ve made me want buffalo wings and I don’t even like them. I just want the damn sauce! YUM!

    You know, my boss and I always used to joke that using coke or meth might increase the odds of getting pregnant, since it always seems so easy for those that are least equipped to handle a pregnancy. But we decided that the whole being addicted to drugs things would cost more money than an RE anyway, so it was probably best to stay sober. 😛

    Keeping everything crossed for you! 🙂 HUGS!

  5. Good luck in the dreaded TWW,



  6. here’s hoping the 2ww goes by quickly and ends with a lovely little bean!

    i think i need some vics..

  7. Mark doesn’t get the office supplies either. They’re weird. We’re totally not.

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