Posted by: katarinajellybeana | February 8, 2008

Looking for the Lighthouse

3 dpiui

I’m in a fog.  Headache.  Cramps.  Tummy troubles.  Insomnia.  Achy. And I haven’t even started progesterone yet!

I really wanted to stay home today.  I had actually planned to.  I have been torn about it since I woke up at 3.  I didn’t sleep.  I am not feeling great about work right now.  I had a meeting that I was dreading.  The house is clean.  And I felt that it would reflect poorly on me if I missed.  And I started dwelling.  And I started worrying.  So I came in to open the library.  As I reached the steps, I asked for a sign telling me if I should stay or head home.  I unlocked the door, came in, set my purse down….and then the phone rang.  My lone student, calling in.  Sigh.  I guess I’m supposed to be here.  Not sure why, but I am.

I’m thinking of writing an essay for NPR’s  “This I Believe” series.  About how it isn’t wrong to want a genetically linked child…about how it isn’t wrong to want to choose adoption first…about how there is no wrong way to make a family…about muppets…about the assvice that is “just relax”…about all of it. 


  1. i say write away!!

  2. I’m sorry that you are feeling so badly. I hope that it passes. I say, go for the NPR essay. You are a talented writer and I know you would do a wonderful job.

  3. Do it!!!! I am sure it would be a fantastic article. I would love for you to tell the world all of our stories….and I’d love to read it! 🙂

  4. I think you would right a fabulous article for NPR.

    Sorry you are feeling bad. Rest the weekend and watch some really good movies.

  5. sorry you had to go in to work. sometimes we just need a day off. I hope you write that essay! ~luna

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