Posted by: katarinajellybeana | February 12, 2008

When Your Mind’s Made Up

7 dpiui

Prometrium + Flurries + remaining HCG in my system + Many tears = migrane

Home from work.  Praying it doesn’t get worse.   Don’t want to throw up.  Idon’tIdon’tIdon’t.

Last night I had a great night with Mr. JB.  We made unKabobs and couscous for dinner and then watched the movie Once (highly! recommend).  It was wonderful and I loved the music, but as the end came, I was overwhelmed.  I am not usually one who needs a happy ending.  I’m always much happier with the right ending for the movie.  But last night I was completely undone.  I threw my sock at the tv.  Mr. JB asked what was wrong and I BURST into tears and sobbed “Why couldn’t it have a happy ending????”  He tried to convince me it did and that it ended just like it was supposed to.  I spent the next 20 minutes trying to stop crying, but laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.  I felt so silly and absurd. 

Good to know the meds are working.  Now where is that icon for rolling eyes.


  1. The EXACT same thing has happened to me when on meds. I did that with Stranger than Fiction. (If you see it, you’ll know what I mean). I was almost hysterical about the sadness.

    OH.. and the day after we lost our one and only pregnancy, I watched the Bourne Supremacy and cried and got totally pissed during the car shooting/accident scene… hysterical. It was ridiculous. You’re not alone.

  2. Keep warm. A hot chocolate and a nice long nap in the afternoon sound great to me! Hormones don’t appreciating being messed with apparently!

  3. I get like that during my 2WW (especially medication induced ones). I can’t watch sad movies, SPCA commercials, or hear sad songs without tearing up or crying. It IS absurd, but funny at the same time because you know it’s not “normal”. Hang in there hun, we are rooting for ya! =)

    Oh, and poo on the migraine =(

  4. Oh you poor thing. I’m a well known drug psycho. Hang in there. Keep reminding yourself that it is the drugs. And if you are able to, try and enjoy the ride and the insanity of drug induced madness.

  5. Well, at least you stopped being dorky about symptoms! 🙂

    You know, the story about the movie is the exact reason why, when I see a movie on HBO, I’ll watch the end first. ONLY if after watching the end will I decide if I want to see the movie.

    For example: The Departed. The end sucked so fucking bad. omg. And I didn’t even know the characters!! Had I had a vested interest in anyone, I would have stormed off and vowed to never watch another movie again.

    Interestingly though, knowing the shit-end of that movie allowed me to actually watch the thing (remember, I’m in love with all things irish/boston) because I wanted to hear a whole movie of a boston accent. With knowing that the end would be a huge disappointment, I knew not to hope for one thing or the other, which made it actually a great movie, minus the ending.

    Good luck getting through your emotions! ~hugs~

  6. Sorry to hear about your migraine (been there, done that).
    Hope it’s better.
    I’ve been watching “The Riches” with Minnie Driver, season one on dvd from the library and it is super diverting for anyone lying around for any reason.
    (I only cried once through out seven episodes so far)

  7. Good luck on the 2ww! It’s so emotional and crazy!! Here is something to pass the time. I’ve tagged you and now your it! See my blog for the instructions!

  8. I understand the emotional crazy train you are on. Suprisingly I have been super calm this cycle. I hate the 2WW, it sucks.

    Hope your migrane goes away.

  9. ugh, hate the headaches and extra emotional messes…

    I have “once” from netflix and I’ve been wanting to watch it so thanks for both warning me about and not giving away the ending…

    hope you feel better soon. ~luna

  10. I had the EXACT same response to the end of Once. The only thing that consoled me was that I found out later that those two are actually a REAL couple in real life. So it really did “end well”. Hope this helps you too. And we have the soundtrack too, it’s wonderful.

    Thinking of you and hope you feel better.

  11. I LOVE THAT MOVIE! We just saw it recently and I had to go out and get the soundtrack. Apparently, the two of them are a duo and have another CD out in addition to the soundtrack.

    I hope you are feeling better–but not too good. 😉


  12. Bhahaahah you kill me. What’s wrong with completely irrational crying at the end of a movie because you didn’t like the ending? hahahahah

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