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To the person who Googled “were does baby come from tummy or bean”

The answer is amazing and very confusing and not the same for everyone.  Inside the mommy, there are little tiny eggs. The daddy puts his penis inside the mommy’s vagina (near her pee pee hole, but not the same thing) and sends little swimmers, called sperm, to meet up with the egg.  If the sperm gets inside of the egg, it makes an embryo.

The embryo is the first little tiny version of a baby.  It doesn’t even look like a baby at that point, it just looks like a bunch of seeds bunched up together–kind of like a raspberry.  The embryo attaches to the inside of a mommy’s uterus (a special muscle inside her tummy–it looks like a hollow, upside down pear)  The embryo grows in a special bubble filled with cushy fluid and the embryo grows and grows and grows for 9 months.  It looks more and more like a baby and gets bigger and bigger the whole time.

After it grows for 9 months, it’s time for the baby to come out and meet the world. 

 Of course, in my story, the doctor puts a tube in the mommy’s vagina to put the sperm in and in other stories the doctor takes out the egg and the daddy makes the sperm go in a cup and then the doctor mixes them together in a dish and the embryo is made outside the mommy’s tummy and then put inside the uterus.  But those are things to learn about when you’re older.

I hope this helps!  Next time, try asking a librarian for a book on the subject.  A good one is called “It’s Perfectly Normal.”


  1. Thanks for the welcome. After months of just reading, I am gradually figuring this wonderful networking world out!

    My husband and I have actually already tried to think about how much to share with our future child!

  2. Oh my God!
    You have me laughing so hard it hurts.
    (and this does not help the gas pains!)

  3. 🙂

    In my case the doctor does all of the above plus ramms one of the lazy-assed spermies directly into the egg and looks at them menacingly until they play nice.



  4. Thanks so much for the gracious welcome to the blogosphere. I loved this post and am looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. Hey kjb,

    You’ve just confirmed my suspicions that indeed you DO know everything!! 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind me butting in on your “how babies are made” lesson, but I was curious as to what your take is on how much one’s weight can affect fertility. I recently found out that the ideal weight for my height (6 ft.) is 185, which means I have to lose exactly 52 pounds. Depressing. I don’t know if it’s even worth spending the $$ to attempt any fertility treatments until I drop weight. Any thoughts? Thanx in advance…


  6. Oh, how obnoxious of me! I completely forgot to tell you how much I’m pulling for you, that your latest iui worked!! Best, best of luck!! Please forgive my self-centeredness…!


  7. Heather,

    So flattered! In my opinion and based on my reading and talking with my doctor, weight matters more in some cases than in others. For PCOS, especially, and endo, too, diet can a bigger deal than in things like a bicornate uterus or blocked tubes.

    I think eating a diet of mostly fruits and veggies with some lean protein, low in processed foods and sugar (same things that are good for everyone), is the best choice for good quality eggs. Walk everyday, maybe some yoga. Maybe aim to slowly lose 5-10% of your body weight if you think it will make you feel better, but don’t stress about it.

    My blogfriend Oro has some GREAT blogs about obesity and the bias aganst heavy women. She’s done FAR more research on this topic than I have.


  8. geohde

    Love. Your. Description.


    Laughed out loud. Woke the dog.

  9. ok I’ve never actually said this before but here it goes: lol!

    yeah, and in my case (let’s hope) the nice doctor puts the egg in a little dish and drops a whole lot of little swimmers in the dish for a play date and hopes that one won’t be too slow and dumb to keep swimming in circles but will actually find the egg and swim right through her. OR what geohde said (split ICSI, but that’s for another lesson). THEN, the good doctor takes great care to freeze the little berry cluster and defrost it after pumping me up with all kinds of drugs and hoping our little friend doesn’t die on the way back to the tube…

    do they still use “our bodies, ourselves?”


  10. Thanks for the link! I’ll definitely check out Oro’s blogs! 🙂


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