Posted by: katarinajellybeana | February 18, 2008

Mac to my cheese

Well, I went to see Juno.

By myself. 

Because I’m stupid. 

At 10:30 am, I was the only person in the theatre.  All the other people were there with kids in tow to see the Hannah Montana show.  Nice.  The ticket taker had stepped away while I was getting my soda.  A cute mom with two very, very excited little girls turned to me as we waited and chirpily asked “What are you seeing?” “Juno.” “Oh, bring extra napkins, it’s really sad.” I smiled, nodded briefly and thought “Oh honey, I doubt you have any idea.”

More than anything, I hate thinking there is something I can’t do, especially things that other people can (I’ve always been like this…it’s not just an affliction brought on  by infertility.) I hated that I was stymied by this film. This innocuous, apparently precious, little film had me frozen in my tracks. It felt like something I would only be able to deal with some indeterminate time in the future, sometime after the child issue that hangs over my head like the cloud over Schleprock goes away.  But I decided to go.  I didn’t give myself time to think or decide, I just went. 

And I cried like a normal person.

Yes, you read that right.  I cried like a normal person.  I teared up at the appropriate moments and shed an appropriate number of tears.  I didn’t sob.  I didn’t blubber.  I. Reacted. Like. Them.  I wasn’t pretending.  I wasn’t putting on a show for anyone.  I had the whole theatre to myself.  Just me and the projectionist. No welling bitterness at the growing belly.  Minimal analysis of the infertile chick’s perspective and reflecting on my own life.  I just watched a movie.  Like everyone else.

I’ve had so few moments like that lately, that I have trouble even believing it.  It’s like when Dorothy unmasks the wizard.  All that fear and bluster for what feels like nothing now.  

As for the movie itself, I enjoyed it for the most part, but I have some harsh criticism, too.  Ell.en Pag.e was really wonderful and really perfect in the role.  I’m so excited to see her in other things.  I think she truly has a gift.  I also was particularly impressed with Jenni.fer Garne.r.  She captured that facade of crazy and manic infertile woman and then the real woman underneath–the woman who really would be a great mother.  I also enjoyed J.ason B.ateman’s performance, but thought that the writing of his character didn’t really show what transformation Juno brought about in him.

And that brings me around to the writing…it was Ok.  The plot was simple and had a good trajectory.  There were some good twists.  And there were bits of dialog that were simply brilliant.  When Juno is talking about how the jock guys tend to have secret lust for the odd girls with horn rimmed glasses who want to grow up to be children’s librarians (it’s true, by the way) and whenever she talks about Paulie…sweet and perfect.  My big problem is with the dialog of everyone else.  It’s like D.iablo C.ody ran out of voices to write with — It’s like once she wrote Juno, Vanessa and Mark, everyone else spoke with the leftovers.  The parents, adults, whoever used slang and phrasing that was out of place.  The world that was created was one that was hyper cute and drawn by a 16 year old, but I think it could have been more effective with more contrast. It’s not so much that she inhabits a quirky world, but every aspect was drawn in great cartoonish detail that detracted from what could have been a story that really rang with more realism and truth. 

I was also a little bothered by how cavalier they were about the abortion topic.  I think it was probably typical of teen girls today, but I remember from my life, not so long ago, that it was still a big deal.  There was at least a bit more in the way of  tears and consternation when the late period caused some worry.    I know there is a wide range of feelings on the topic in blog world.  I have very recently had my notions of when life begins shift.  But I still believe that it’s a valuable choice for other women to have. 

Overall, I’m glad I did it.  Not because I fount it to be reasonably entertaining, but because I went.  I somehow found my center well enough to just go to a movie. 


  1. We were supposed to go see that today and i totally chickened out. Now I wish i would have seen it! Glad you liked it for hte most part!

  2. So glad you went to see it. You truly are a brave soul for seeing it by yourself!!

  3. I’m impressed thatyou tackled that particular movie, I haven’t been able to,


  4. we saw it. i cried.. mostly because of selfish reasons that had almost nothing to do with the movie. i agree with your criticism.. there was something missing. my biggest problem with the movie is that everyone i talk to about it who doesn’t understand IF stuff thinks that jennifer garner’s character was a psycho.. no enough sympathy for what she was going through.

  5. I loved Jennifer Garner in this movie, too. Every time I looked at her, I got weepy cause I just recognized myself so much – in that overpowering desire for a baby that I try to hide so much of the time. I thought she portrayed that brittleness so beautifully; it was so transparent on her.

    Glad you had a good experience.

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