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15 dpiui

I’m driving myself CRAZY.  Every blip, bubble, twinge… I’m going batty.  I need a distraction.

 So today in my little bits of downtime, I’m going to look into vacation options. Really expensive, not terribly realistic vacation options. 

Any other suggestions for how to keep my mind occupied?


  1. aahhh….you’re driving me crazy too!!

    If you’re looking for a distraction…want to help me plan my SIL’s shower? We’re trying to decide where to have it…what do you think about tea party vs room in a restuarant vs someone’s house? Please…elaborate as much as you need to.

    aahhh…I can NOT wait until Friday 😉

  2. WEDDING shower, right? Because the other kind might make me toss my cookies.


  3. OMG TEST ALREADY! You’re killin’ me here!!!!

    (and good luck!) 🙂

  4. Ok…I would choose the restaurant…actually, there is a tea place in my town that does a lot of showers. Tea sandwiches, scones, other sweet treats…I think that’s what I’d choose

    The nice thing is that you don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning. Just whatever decorating you’d like to have done, maybe some party favors and/or games.

    One thing that’s worked well for big events I’ve planned where no one knows anyone else were conversation starters on the table. I’ve seen questions in fortune cookies, used as plate decoration. I’ve also seen just color coordinated questions on plates or on the table.

  5. Listen, little miss impatitent-pregnant-woman, just because you and Scrappy have no self control, doesn’t mean I don’t. 😉

  6. Woohoo on 15dpIUI! I really hope this is it for you! How long is your LP normally?

  7. Since I don’t ovulate on my own and my cycles run somewhere between 21 and 90 days, I’m not really sure. I’d love to have that information, but I don’t.

    We’ll see…

  8. i am so jealous you are 15dpiui.. i am 1 hahah 1 day! i’m going to be completely insane by next week!!! i have no suggestions.. i need them myself. does reading a book about adoption count as a distraction?

  9. You can play the ever mind numbing game zuma … that will make your brain freeze up!

    i am excited that you are 15dpiui

  10. Holy Cow hun! I can’t count how many sticks I had already peed on by 15dpiui last time….actually, making it to 15 dpiui would have been nice since AF showed her ugly face a day or two early last month.

    I’m only 10dp “expected ovulation” on my TAB cycle and I’m considering swiping a test from my lab at work and peeing in the morning. You are much stronger than me! I really hope this turns out =D

  11. This always helps me:

    But probably looking at luxury stilt-huts on Bora Bora is more fun.

  12. A friend just showed me this website. A guy who traveled the world and did a (very good) video diary. I like “The Coffee Shop” and “Meet the Pumkins” especially, but there are tons more that are good – so it’s like a free vacation:

  13. 15dp iui sounds good to me…I don’t think I ever made it past 10 or 11 days. Shopping was always a great distraction for me, I would always go out and buy a bunch of clothes hoping that I would be taking them back in the next few days because they wouldn’t fit for very long. Good Luck!!

  14. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
    LOVE, Kim. That one is GREAT.

    And Angi, welcome! Your little peanut is SOOO cute!

  15. I have no room to give suggestions. During my last wait I went through the checklist of pregnancy symptoms nightly. Try checking out Johnny Jet’s website (he has little videos too) or for distractions and travel planning in one. I am almost as obsessed with travel as I am having a baby! Crossing my fingers for you.

  16. Oh my goodness… I can’t believe your will power to not test.

    Suggestions… I’ll have to get back to you on that. hmmm…

  17. Hi there,
    Im new to your blog, but have you seen “Love Actually” ? I watch it during my waits… it’s a great heartwarming movie, with no babies!!

    Sending good thoughts,

  18. Wow, I’m full of optomism for you, 15 dpIUI… yay! That’s fantastic, I don’t know how you’ve resisted peeing on a stick yet. I’m crazy by 13dpo in most cases! 🙂

    Can’t wait until Friday! Good luck.

  19. C’mon, Friday, you can do it…get here already and put ALL of us out of our misery! I’m dying to know what the story is…got my fingers and toes crossed for you. My greatest distraction from *everything* is playing the Sims2–the sim-women in all my neighborhoods have as many babies as possible, with no IF, no miscarriages, no complications. It’s heaven. And they only have to try once or maybe twice before they get pregnant. No POAS, no PCOS, no acronyms to speak of. SO much fun when they have twins… 🙂 Escapism at its best.

  20. You could always reorganize the pantry and label all the tools in the garage? That should keep you busy for a minute.

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