Posted by: katarinajellybeana | February 21, 2008


16 dpiui

My friends Crampy, Burpy and Queasy are here for a visit.  AND they brought their friends SuperSniffer and Gassy to join us for TOO MUCH INFORMATION TIME!!


It’s around midnight.  I went to bed around 8:30. At 11:30, my poor sweetie got up to head into the bathroom.  He must have eaten something with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in it.  He has a rather violent reaction to it.  For the longest time we thought he had IBS, but nope, just a sensitivity to fakey food.  He refers to it as “grumbly tummy” and has had it since he was a kid.  It’s ranged from inconvenient to pitiful.  Tonight veered toward pitiful.

The aftermath drifting in from the master bath was more than I could handle.  He felt really bad, but I couldn’t stay up there.  I opened the door, turned on a fan and STILL couldn’t get the smell out of the room.  Lit a candle.  And a couple more matches.  Nothing helped.  Noxious.

So now I’m downstairs on the couch, watching TVLand, alternating between fetal position and typing away on the computer.  My own stomach is rather upset and I’m feeling that AF is trying her hardest to show up despite the prometrium.  Very, very crampy.   Lots of mood issues (I flipped out that Mr. JB brushed the dog and didn’t vacuum after.)  Burpy.  Fascinating, no?

I was looking over the patterns in my blog.  I write jibberish during the TWW.  I would like to think that I write very profound, heartfelt letters to the potential baby or essays describing my profound hope or touching notes.  Nope.  I write about dwarves and movies and wasting time and gas.  Meh. My brain is mush.  The parts that can be engaged are obsessing about the things we always obsess about. 

Ok…I’m going to try heading back up.  Do you think sleeping with a gas mask would be uncomfortable? 


  1. Yes, sleeping in a gas mask would probably be uncomfortable 😉


  2. ugh.. i so hope it’s not AF .. hang in there.

  3. I think we write whatever is in our heads, and whatever gets us through – your posts certainly don’t read as gibberish.

    Still hoping for you.


  4. so hysterical. I fear I have been in the same situation with my hubby many times….lol Now he just blames those dreadful smells on the dog…

    I’m crossing my fingers for you, I have a good feeling, really.
    when do you think you will test?

  5. Ahhhh the smell of pregnancy! LOL

  6. thanks for the *wedding* shower ideas. I do think we’re going tea room route, it’s nice and simple.

    I’ve never made it to 15 dp anything….fingers crossed!

  7. My deep and sincere sympathy to all of you who relate to this story.

    Beta is tomorrow and I should know by noon or so. YIPPEE

  8. I do thikn that writing about dwarves is very creative and hows how much of a nack you have for this!!

    i am hoping that af is staying far away!

  9. I’m hoping its “you know what” symptoms and not AF. They are so impossible to distinguish…God’s cruel joke I guess. The beta is tomorrow, right? I’m sending my best wishes!!!

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